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Hi, my name is Audrina. I am 10 years old. I started riding horses at the age of 4. I finally got my own horse last October. I started lessons with Lita in the summer of 2019 and put our horse in training with her spring of 2020.  Since Lita trained our horse, she knows OUR strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, she has made us a wonderful team.  Lita has made me into a confident rider in a really short time. When I take lessons from Lita, she is very clear and always explains at my level. I always get Lita's full attention during lessons, both near and far. She does virtual lessons! Last but not least Lita has a wonderful show barn family. They are all positive and approachable. It has been an awesome experience learning from them. Look for us in the ring 🙂!! 

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