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Three day clinics are held every year. There are many different types of clinics available, including 4-H and breed show. We work on training techniques to help your horse improve. Supplying and strengthening exercises are used to help your horse do his job. We drill patterns and work towards the understanding of what a great pattern looks like. Understanding the goal and how a pattern is judged helps riders know what to shoot for. We have fun, play some games, and laugh a lot! For information on joining a clinic, please call us today! References are available upon request. 


Judging clinics are also available.  

We can cover:

  • scoring maneuvers

  • scoring penalties

  • using the new scoring system for pattern classes

  • judging movement

  • organizing your system of judging

  • judging classes quickly

“Lita has done an amazing job of leading a group of diverse riders and horses.  She is very hands-on, taking time to work with each participant one-on-one, as well as keeping the rest of the class busy.  Lita is patient, intuitive, gentle, and persistent.  I feel very fortunate to have worked with her in so many different fashions and feel more than comfortable recommending her expertise to anyone interested in becoming a better horseman.” 

 — Anna Grimm,

  St. Paul, MN 

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