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"My name is Melanie, and I am 14 years old. I have struggled with medical complications my whole life, including lots of medicines, tubes, hospitalizations, and daily pain. Despite the daily struggles, I have many interest including reading, babysitting, drawing, coloring, riding bike, extreme dot-to -dots, and my biggest love--horses! I have loved horses as long as I can remember. I love to read about horses and draw horses and play horses. I have always dreamed about riding a horse all on my own. When my mom saw the opportunity to attend a "Welcome to the Barn" day, she knew I would love it! My brother and sister and I got to meet the horses, learn about how to take care of them, and even got to ride them! Lita invited us back to ride again.  I got to ride Candy. Candy is a Quarter Horse mare. She is so kind and gentle. I rode with Lita for a while ...then I rode all by myself! It was a dream come true Candy is so tame and obedient.  She followed every command I gave her. I felt so relaxed and full of joy as  I rode her--I even mostly forgot about the pain. I think Candy  enjoyed it as much as I did--Lita said she was licking her lips which is a sign of contentment. Lita is amazing with her horses and with her students. It was my first time riding by myself, but Candy was so tame and Lita Made me feel so confident--I was so comfortable. Meeting Lita and her horses, especially Candy, has been a blessing and a dream come true!"

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