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We only have room for a limited number of horses, so please contact us for availability. We work with Western and English all around horses and Ranch horses. With a background in dressage, impulsion and movement are very import parts of our training program. We will not sacrifice correctness for speed. We like to work with riders and teach them alongside their horses. Our philosophy is, our riders need to learn how to train and keep their horses going. Learning how to feel correct movement helps riders make needed adjustments. Educated riders make good competitors! A heated stall barn and indoor riding arena are available.

“Lita approaches her four legged clients as individuals.  She takes into account the temperament, physical and mental ability, age, and response to training of each one.  She trains with patience, firmness, and consistency with a constant emphasis on safety for both the horse and the rider.  She has a sharp vigilance for the horse's health and soundness as well.  Each horse she has trained for us came away from the training with confidence and ability.”

- Ardie Nelson,

  Mission, TX 

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